In 2011, Talking Helps Records released Thunderling, a gritty reinterpretation of Oh Thunder available only on vinyl. Recorded with a new band and minimal overdubbing, the album takes on a completely different feel than its predecessor. “The Whale” is extended to almost twice its original length, the second half building into a thick wall of sound. “When a Heart Becomes a Heart” is also extended, becoming almost two songs in one, making the song into a folk epic that recalls the work of Townes Van Zandt. The album’s instrumental song, “February 17th,” is filled out with the full band, becoming mildly reminiscent of the more subdued material of Dirty Three. “Careful Broken” is replaced with a re-recording of “Cathedral,” originally released on Little Warrior, giving it a fresh interpretation, stripped of all the production of its former version. The band for Thunderling includes Pamela Margon on violin, Joshua James on bass, Pat Maley on drums, and additional performances by Petter Keller-Abdelnour on drums and Ben Kamen on electric guitar. Thunderling was recorded by Peter Keller-Abdelnour at Bellhead Recording Studio in Olympia, WA.

“This record represents the gritty, raw elements of Eleanor Murray & Co’s live performances. You can hear a little bit of the sweat in the howls, as well as the tremor in the whispers. There are also a few new surprises tucked away for the avid listeners of Oh Thunder.” -K Recs

Thunderling is available on limited edition vinyl and as a digital download.

Thunderling VINYL RECORD
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