Lost songs, 2016

Lost Songs is a collection of songs that slipped through the cracks. Eleven unreleased studio recordings, home recordings, and compilation songs from the last decade. The first printing of 100 metallic gold-shelled cassettes with letter-pressed covers by Two Plum Press was released on Antiquated Future Records.

"It’s baffling that we haven’t heard all these songs before because there is sincere gold in here, every Eleanor Murray song is an opportunity to have your mind blown and she does that with all 11 songs on this album." - Brian Snider, Secretly Important 

"a homemade hymn that glows like embers." - The Autumn Roses 

"like stumbling on an old photo album, a subtle reminder that you'd almost forgotten some of the best days of your life." - Cameron Crowell, The Portland Mercury 

"An Olympia chanteuse of the highest order who spreads her wings and soars with the natural beauty of Northwest wilderness in her veins." - Calvin Johnson, Gigwise 

"The gentle breath of a tulip mixes with the humid air after an evening rain." -Small Albums

Lost Songs is sold out on cassette tape, but is available as a digital download.