Jazz Demos, 2016

An intimate EP of home-recorded, jazz-infused folk songs. The first printing of 100 red-shelled cassettes was released on Antiquated Future Records. All songs were written, performed, recorded, and mastered by Eleanor Murray in Olympia, Washington.

"Intimacy & mastery are here distilled...expertly bewitching, intoxicating, soothing; this is what you need to hear after work, at the coffee shop down the street, or on your garage’s dusty tape deck." - Cassette Gods

"Her lyrics and vocals are as spot on as ever, vivid and poetic, her vocals manage the rare feat of being both airy and yet powerful and grounded." - Secretly Important 

"flutters like the leaves at the very top of a newly-bloomed tree." - The Autumn Roses

Jazz Demos is sold out on cassette tape, but is available as a digital download.