Bury me into the mtn, 2013

On Eleanor Murray’s 2013 outing, Bury Me Into the Mtn, she has created an album that is structurally complicated, while also sparse and open, full of warmth and light. Her chord progressions, rhythms and melodies draw as much from Appalachia as they do from jazz. Her lyrics are as cryptic as they are simple and straightforward. The album’s sonic landscape is completely its own.

Recorded in a renovated church during a windstorm, Bury Me Into the Mtn is an album that stops you in your tracks. From the big backing vocals of the album’s opener to its methodically sparse closing track, she creates a musical narrative that doesn’t release its listener until the whole tale has been told. Bury Me Into the Mtn was recorded by Nicholas Wilbur (Hungry Cloud Darkening, Mount Eerie) at The Unknown in Anacortes, Wa. It was mastered by Ephriam Nagler (K Records head engineer, You Are Plural). The band includes Paul Benson with vocals on tracks 1, 3, and 7, Allyson Foster with vocals on tracks 1 and 3, and Phil Elverum plays drums on track 7.

“Murray continues a powerful tradition of female-voiced folk music, mixing in potent lyrics with simple compositions that expand like ripples in pond. Bury Me Into the Mtn is a beautiful album, delicate, refined but also brutal in its honesty.” - Divide and Conquer

Bury Me Into the Mtn is available on CD, vinyl, cassette, and as a digital download (see below).

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